1. Terrace Quakes Winter York 4:32
  2. Enemy at the Garden Gate Winter York 3:04
  3. China Cup Winter York 3:17
  4. Loneliness & Art Winter York 3:18
  5. Run Winter York 4:58


Terrace Quakes Lyrics

If they can find
A piece of mind, in love
then I can in you
So I watch the skies
Cause they will always be mine
the stars that I look to

The Terrace Quakes
The signs they make
The things I knew
I’m on the ground
Thinking aloud
Of how I warned you

I’ve never wished
That I was wrong
As much as I do now
So keep on listening
Cause it won’t be long
And I’m running out of patience


Terrace Quakes will always be a milestone for us. It was the first time James began experimenting with fictional characters and storylines. It blends his creative inspiration in the supernatural with more ethereal soundscapes than we’ve experimented before now. This is the first of a number of horror based anthology pieces that are coming to life 😉

Terrace Quakes

Title : Terrace Quakes
Release Date : October 16, 2017
Format : Digital Download